Jon B. Fish lives in northern California with his wife of 46+ years. They are the parents of five children and the thrilled grandparents of 21. He met the love of his life in junior high school. She went to college with him. She spent most of his military time with him. They have been friends and confidantes in a way that few have ever enjoyed. Serving in the Church, at the children’s school activities and functions, working in the community, managing in the work place and maintaining a loving home has filled their lives with happiness and peace. Along the way employment arenas have changed a couple of different times for both of them. Skills gained and understandings grasped in those areas have played a large role in their lives. Jon credits his wife, his God, his parents and so many friends and associates with building and encouraging the man along the way. He maintains a speaker’s bureau and is available to speak and teach in several disciplines, including property and facility management, travel, writing, family relationships and several other focuses where certifications, experience and long hours have been the master teacher. He presents case studies in life, and the circumstances in life, in a spiritual, sometime humorous and always on-task way of sharing and learning; that approach to love, compassion, understanding, dogged pursuit and the determination to keep on keeping on!  Contact us for fees, overviews and times available.